"...It was great to return to MWW for the second year in a row! Margot, it was a wonderful surprise to have you for a guide once again! Thanks for making the trip a fun one!..." --
Tony Anderson, Gary IN

"...After we returned to Texas, the kids told me that the raft trip was the best day during our week long vacation to Yellowstone. So, thanks for having a nice service and very nice, personable and charming guides. They were great. Even your dogs are nice. Thank you!" -- Mark Clauder, Arlington, TX

"My family had a great time with your guide. Thanks so much!" --
Barb, Reno

"A great experience! You'll be sure to see us again!"--
Mimi, LA

"My family got along for the first time in years!"--
Sandy, BC

"Even though I didn't want to go rafting at first, the people were so fun. The staff made everyone feel so welcome!" --
Kai, NYC

"The guide was just so excellent and the whole team had a circus magic that transcends anything in literature or myth"--
Bart Claussen, Bozeman

"Top Banana!" --
some people from New Zealand

"These people are wild. They make me want to be with them all the time" --
Colie and Mike Campbell, Colorado Springs

"I like the seedy bar right next door" --
Farley Mowat, Canada

"These people treated me like one of the Gang!" -- Tony Soprano, Joisey

"I like the sexy female guides!"--
Bill Plinton, Arkansas

"I want to make my next movie here"--
Robert Bedford, Hollywood

"I only trust Montana Whitewater for providing college educated creative types for guiding our most demanding guests" --
Lord and Lady Winston, UK

"When the judges come to town for the corporate retreat, we choose Montana Whitewater for the multi lingual worldly traveler stud and studette guides. They are beyond the ritual fake yahoo. These people really do have a je ne sais quoi and they can be delightful and dreadful at the drop of a paddle. Our Princeton and Yale reunions choose Montana Whitewater for the classiest and most hilarious dinner show. From puppets to Proust to Prague, Montana Whitewater has it all" -- Anchoive. Lyons, France

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