Montana Whitewater Staff
Montana Whitewater's Fearless Leader - since 1992
He wrestles bears, speaks five languages, and is the brains behind it all- the Creative Director of the company! He lives life one day at a time and to the fullest while also enjoying every bite of his mostly raw diet and building lego masterpieces with his kids. The staff affectionately call him Wild Bill and like it or not, he is a daddy to us all. Cliff dropping on his 70's skis and whitewater canoeing in his short shorts with a little yoga and meditation on the side- this guy's got it all (including a mega beard)!
Yeah Baby!

Gallatin Guide/Safety Boater since 1998
Wild man Stevie came to MWW in 1998 after saving Bill's ass on the Middle Fork of the Salmon where he ran Dagger Falls without a flinch. Steve has paddled many rivers in the west by cataraft and canoe - seeking adventure around every blind corner. He spends most of his time at the Bozeman Hot Springs which explains why he looks so young and healthy. What a guy!

Gallatin Rafting Manager since 2010, Guide since 2006
Originally from Ohio, Gavin is a Big Sky Ski Patroller in the winter, a world traveller in the off-season and a mellow dude who is loved by all. The ladies love his long lushes blond locks.
Rookie of the Year 2006. MVP almost every year since.
He's a sick tele skier!

Gallatin Guide
Don't let his dirty rockstar looks fool you! Robert is a tender hearted nature boy. Avid in videography with his own start-up company Country Boy Media, Berto is a world traveler, adventure-seeker, and first but foremost a decent boater. He is striving to use his experiences to change the world for the better - Good Luck Robert!
Careful ladies, he's a heartthrob!

Gallatin Guide since 2005
Raleigh is a world-class boater in a BIG boy’s body. Originally from the mid-west, this guy knows how to appreciate his mountains! He loves hunting, hence his name, and climbs mountains covered in rattle snakes! In the winter, he is a snowmobile guide and likes to go big! Luckily his wife is around to make good decisions for him.
He is soon to be a first time dad! Congratulations!

Gallatin Guide since 2011
A rafting guide since 2003, Aisling has guided in California, Argentina, Costa Rica, Oregon and the Ganges River in India. She's fluent in Spanish and many Mestizo dialects. As a child, her parents had a lot of trouble bathing her, as she was always splashing and trying to create the sensation of whitewater.
She's a recovering ballerina!

Gallatin Guide since 2011
Guiding all over the world with his wifey, Aisling, Ale has seen it all and still keeps it fresh. Relocating to Arizona for the fall and winter, this simple nature boy from Costa Rica makes all the ladies swoon.
He plays the bongos!

Gallatin Guide since 2014, Yellowstone Guide since 2013
Evan is a soft-hearted boy in a tall stud’s body. He spends his winters surfing and going to school in Hawaii. He loves to cook and has an eccentric taste in music.
Everbody loves a shy guy!

Gallatin Guide since 2012
Hero Tom!!! Nicknamed the Hero because everything he does is hero status! Tom works at a local brewery part time and also ski patrols at Big Sky in the winter. This guy is irreplaceable!
Always on call and comin' in hot!

Yellowstone Guide since 2014

Yellowstone Guide since 2013
Nikki packs more into a summer in Gardiner then your average raft guide! In addition to running fantastic raft trips, this body builder can be found hitting the gym in the morning as well as bagging peaks and tracking wolves in Yellowstone after work.

Yellowstone Guide since 2011
Theron is from the smallest town around, but has a big personality. A leader on the guide team Theron can be found organizing staff events such as after work play/training boat trips, kick ball games,  camp outs or pot luck dinners! A raft guide in the summer and lift supervisor at the Yellowstone Club in the winter, Theron spends all his time on water, just half the time it is frozen.

Gallatin Office Staff since 2010
Allison is bubbly and athletic. She is a middle school teacher in the winter and loves coaching the kiddies in track and basketball. She ran a marathon in Ireland and played for the WNBA. Yep, she booked your reservation and slam dunked the basketball all in one day!
All the boys love her!

Gallatin Office Staff since 2009, Gallatin Zip Line Guide since 2012
Emily is spunky, quick-witted and full of energy. She almost has an Engineering degree from MSU (and “almost” has been in that sentence for 4 years now…) and loves hiking, football and visiting her grandparents. She is also the most wonderful and best looking staff member at MWW, and we can say that because she updated the website!
If you aint cryin', you aint tryin'!

Yellowstone River Shuttle Driver since 2013
Originally from New York, this straightforward women fled to the west to find a simpler life. She keeps our grounds and vehicles super clean- from dirt, not from potty-mouths! She loves to hike and camp and always wins ”best costume” at a party.

Gallatin River Photographer since 2012
She dropped out of college in her final year to go on a Grand Canyon raft trip…chasing a man! Of course she took plenty of photos of that man too! Just kidding… about the man. This family girl loves being on the river and camping out and always takes part in dress up days!

TWYLA ZELL (aka T-Bird)
Office Staff in training, now and forever
Twyla is a free-spirited youngster without a shy bone in her body. She plays the piano, is a competitor in the Community Alpine Ski Races, can do some sweet tricks on the monkey bars and is learning Chinese. This 10 year old has been to Mexico, Canada, France, Switzerland and Africay.
She was the first baby born in Montana in 2005- a New Year’s baby!

A little bit of everything since who knows when
Too smart for his own good and everyone else’s! This guy has big dreams and a big dog! For Montana Whitewater he has been: a shuttle driver, a zip line guide, a wood chopper, an errand boy, a raft guide, a cook, a zip line builder, a mechanic, should we go on? Who knows what he does in his free time because it seems he doesn’t have any!

Gallatin Shuttle Driver in 2012, Fly Fishing Guide since 2014
Dusty spends his time skiing, hunting, fishing and traveling. As a young lad, fresh out of high school, he joined the Marines! But his tough exterior shattered a few years ago while livin’ the beach life in the Virgin Islands. Now he is happiest when his face is comically raccooned from a sunglass or goggle tan.
Here fishy, fishy, fishy! Works every time!

Gallatin Zip Guide since 2014
Want to hear some really cheesy jokes? Patrick is your guy. We were lucky enough to snag him in 2014 and he is the only “twinger” (ginger + twin) the company has ever employed. Skiing, rock climbing, reading and drinking tea pass the time of this funny dude!
He sunburns easily!

Gallatin Zip Guide since 2012
Need a zip line course built? Josh is your guy. Need your skis tuned? Josh is your guy. Need a buddy at a music festival? Josh is your guy. Need your taxes done? Call an accountant! A safety conscious jokester that will comfort your scared husband, while high-fiving your fearless 6 yr. old.
Nicknamed “J-Stash” for his facial hair!

Gallatin Zip Guide since 2011, Gallatin Office Staff since 2013
Zoe is from Boulder Colorado where she grew up on outdoor adventure. She is one of the top ski instructors at Big Sky Resort, is learning to kayak and loves camping out all summer long. She is becoming a DIY expert on home improvements and runs with (or from?) the moose every morning.
You will see her smile from a mile away!

Gallatin Zip Guide since 2013
This guy’s smarts aren’t lost in his long hair! A degree in Molecular Biology from UC Santa Cruz was just a starting point in his study of living-the-good-life. Skiing all winter and keeping his wife happy are top priorities of this calm, cool, and collected guy.
He was once a flower delivery boy!

Yellowstone ZipLine Guide since 2012
You are on your first cup of coffee and this guy has already ran 5 miles, cooked a gourmet breakfast on his MSR stove, washed his car and BRUSHED HIS TEETH! Ryan is athletic, friendly and always ready to rock! A degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership made for a smooth transition into zip guiding. .
Everybody loves this Gardiner veteran!

Yellowstone's Rafting Manager since 2011, Guide since 2005
Sam is one of those old guys who makes you believe in your own desire to make a lifestyle change. After retiring from a career in Cow Management, and raising 4 daughters, he took up boating and never looked back (seriously!). The staff gives him the "cleanliness award" every year to try to encourage him to take more showers. Ask him anything about the area and he will have the answer, just wait 'til his coffee is gone.
He's livin the Dream!

Gallatin Guide since 2007
Umm, who is this guy? He works for us? Since 2007? Hmmm
He is so ginger he is invisible!

Gallatin Guide
Tender-hearted Ethan may be having more fun than you on your raft trip. This guy is all smiles! He shows up early to do some stretching and stays late to give area tips to the guests. He is a ski patroller at the Yellowstone Club in the winter and enjoys snuggling with his dog at sunset.
Don’t eat his lunch, it makes him angry!

Gallatin Guide since 2009
Think of a Drill Sargent with soft skills. A Drill Sargent you can snuggle with. Now think of a muscular, young hunky dude who loves nature and eating sprouts. Now put that sprout eating Drill Sargent in the back of a boat and let him entertain your children.
He loves medieval swordplay

Gallatin Guide since 2012, King of Overnight Trips
Humble, friendly, and GOOD-LOOKIN'! You may have Grandma and your teenage daughter fighting over who gets to take him home! By winter he shreds the powder and by summer he is a raft guide superhero as well as a folk-story teller and avid mountain-biker. Calm, cool, collected and cute!
He lives in a bus!

Gallatin Guide since 2009
Walker is a born and raised Montanan with a bro-bra attitude. He likes to do yoga and is quite an artist. He has a degree in graphic design from MSU and runs his own T-shirt company called DubVTees. In the winters he travels, surfs and takes long walks on the beach.
He gives his guests a wild ride!

Gallatin Guide since 2013
Originally from Ohio, Nicole loves to hike, snowboard and just be outside! She stays in her tear-drop camper in the summer and has a soft spot in movies- lover of Titanic and the Notebook.
Best life jacket tan lines!

Gallatin Guide since 2014
This curly haired dreamboat has a degree in Outdoor Education and many years of guiding experience. He loves to fly fish and privately paddled (c-1 canoe) through 4 countries. He is always smiling and loving life and is helpful and humble. An all around nice guy!
His nickname is “LaLove”

Gallatin Guide since 2014
This sporty shorty is always smiling. With 7 years of guiding experience under her PFD, Ashley is always the life of the party. She has guided snowmobiling and dog sledding in the winters and lives in a Teepee all summer.
She loves to play dress up!

Yellowstone Guide since 2014

Yellowstone Guide since 2014
Kerri was the nanny for Bill’s kids while he attending a trade show in Orlando. The kids liked her so much they invited her to come to Montana and be a raft guide.  The Florida native came for a summer of fun and hasn’t been able to leave. This multi-talented women can watch your kids, facilitate a team building, guide you safely down the river and as a lock smith will unlock your car too!

Yellowstone Guide since 2013
Dylan is a groovy soul who lives in his VW van during the summer and would be following the Dead if they were still touring. Though easy going, this gourmet coffee lover has been attacking the ridge at Bridger Bowl since he was 10!

Yellowstone Guide since 2014
Sarah is an artist specializing in making custom jewelry. You can see her pieces around Bozeman or at the farmers market. When she isn’t working on her jewelry she can be found hula hooping around town quoting Lord of the Rings. She is funky, lively and goes with the flow (pun intended)!
She LOVES Cosmic Pizza! LOVES IT!

Gallatin Office Staff since 2012
Leila is a great example of a person living the life’s she wants. She quit her corporate job in San Francisco and moved to Bozeman and now works for Bridger Bowl in the winter and us in the summer, supporting her outdoor enthusiast lifestyle. She speaks french, enjoys cross county skiing and spends her weekends building a tiny cabin in the mountains.

Gallatin Office Staff since 2014
This fun loving Minnesota girl is all smiles! She starts each morning off with a hearty ice cream cone to set the mood and keeps that sweet attitude throughout the day. She is always up for trying something new especially if it mixes her loves of the environment and of people.
She tells the boys what’s up!

Photography Manager since 2012
Sweet and loving, this MSU professor is our very own computer geek all summer long! You may only see him through a camera lens, but he is seeing the best side of you! He enjoys anything outdoors and always takes the scenic route home. Dance parties are a passion, but his true love is his golden retriever, Sadie.
Voted “most likely to SNAP” in 2013. Haha!

Mascot since 2001
She roams the grounds scaring off grizzly bears, keeping the cafe deck clean of crumbs and soaking up the sunshine. You may find her lying in front of the front desk waiting for some loving from your kids. Lerue enjoys taking mellow walks around the neighborhood, running along side a skier, and food, really any and all food.

Raft Guide starting in 2028
This little dude is smart AND handsome. Franklin goes almost soley by his nickname, “Bam bam” or “Bammie” because… why wouldn’t you? His little 5 yr old hands build lego structures at a 12 yr old’s level. He takes drum lessons, rips up Bridger Bowl on skis and provides entertainment to guests in the rafting shuttle busses.
He can speak to birds!

Yellowstone Zip Guide 2013, Gallatin Zip Guide since 2014
Joey is a student at MSU, studying Ecology. Her bubbly personality and calm demeanor flow as perfectly as her long wavy hair. Joey is one of the few employees that has spent a full summer guiding at each of our two locations.
She loves animals, in particular, pocket pets!

Gallatin Zip Guide since 2014
Jacob is a go-getter, who never stops before he reaches the top! He spends his winters skiing and at MSU studying Exercise Science…maybe. Showing wisdom beyond his years, this young man will swoon your daughters, enchant Grandma and talk fishing with Dad.
An all around charmer!

Gallatin ZipLine Course Manager since 2014, Guide since 2010
Tall, blonde and probably sporting skater shoes. Don't be fooled by his uncombed hair and constant poking of fun, this one's got some brains! He enjoys powder skiing, approach hiking and swimming down the hairiest stretches of the Gallatin River.
He has two degrees in Engineering!

Yellowstone ZipLine General Manager and Gallatin Office Queen since 2010
Katie has a degree in Recreation Management: Nature-based Tourism from the University of Montana. She has managed a challenge course in Missoula and started zip line guiding at a course in Southeast Alaska. She plays at Bridger Bowl in the winter, enjoys camping anytime of year and dreams of someday being a river tubing guide!
She loves pickles!

Yellowstone ZipLine Course Manager since 2015, Zip Guide since 2013
Garrett has a degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism from the University of Missouri - Columbia. He is a ski instructor at Bridger Bowl in the winter and loves making homemade BBQ sauce for his slow cooked pulled pork at his quiet cabin in the woods.
Nicknamed “The Bear Whisperer.”

Gallatin ZipLine Photographer since 2014
You may be asking “who’s that guy wandering around on the ground while we zip?” That’s Kris! A photographer in Breckenridge, CO in the winter, this guy shreds on his snowboard and documents how good it looked! Kris helps us all keep the memories at YZ by snapping those pearly whites in zipping action! He is also an awesome climber and musician.
He is easy to smile at ;)

Montana Whitewater General Manager since 2012
John came to us after guiding in the Southeast and managing a raft company in Bend, Oregon. He enjoys kayaking, Standup Paddle Boarding, snowboarding and hanging with his daughter, Sage. He LOVES french fries, but only the really hot ones!
He was once in a Ford Escape commercial!