Staff from the Past Museum      

Gallatin Guide
Behind the cool shades is the raddest one-eyed Guide to ever hit the water! Ian has paddled through Mongolia with Margot and Bill which proves how crazy he is. We are Hoping that Ian sees the light and comes back to MWW to be where he belongs - surrounded by female trainees!

Gallatin Guide
The only word that really describes this man is LEGEND. He started with MWW back in 1993 - and peeled Margot off of many rocks as she learned guiding. Eddie is the mastermind behind legendary pranks like drive by shootings (squirt guns) at other Raft Companies. His victims include high profile raft company owners Julia Page and Eric Becker - we hope they enjoy the fun!!

Gallatin Guide since 1998
Ladies beware. Gregg is a charmer and archetypal Rocky Mountain Stud. Gregg gives a wild ride to the yahoos and deftly steers granny and the kids through big water. He's a Big Canyon Man who can tell stories that go farther back than you'd believe. Former Big Sky Dirt Bag King.
Go ahead! Guess his age!

Waltie was an engineering student at MSU but spends most of his time playing hockey, football and twister! He now lives in Southern California and we hope he comes back soon! He's hilarious, light hearted and a real wild card. People love it when he falls out of the boat!
He's fun!

You cant see what her hat says, but its something about Kissing Lessons! Abi was a shoe-in last year for best Fashion Award - nobody else wears a jeweled tiger muscle shirt like Abi. She likes to drive the big bus and snowboard deep powder at Bridger Bowl. She's a Honey!

Kayak Instructor
Elaine is a great boater who works for NOLS, educating kids on expeditioning and life lessons. When not on the water or ripping up the ski slopes, Elaine is either creating Art (yes, capital A), dancing around in her sari or wondering what life is all about.
She has a ton of guys after her!

Ski Patroller, EMT, super experienced guide and Glitter Goddess, we were lucky to have Robin at MWW for one summer... Her charm and girl-power-go-for-it attitude is just the beginning. Smart and Funny and Adventurous!

We are proud to have such a humble Legend amongst us! Peter was one of the first guides Ever on the Gallatin - many many moons ago! After a 13 year hiatus, Peter has returned to the river. A surfer, VW van hippie, and father of teenagers, Peter keeps us all in line with his old school mellow energy.
He's the principal of his own groovy

Guide / Manager - Yellowstone
Knowing that a guy with these biceps and this personality would never be satisfied as a Math teacher in Buffalo, NY - Phil became a river guide on the Gallatin many years ago as the employee of a competitor. Switching over to the MWW side, Phil has found a home for his theatrics and individuality. He hosts a radio show, plays drums in a hard rock band, gardens and does yoga regularly. If you would like to get to know him, he has a girlfriend, so don't bother.
He loves you!!

TREVOR SHEEHAN (young bull)
Trev came to us having guided on the Kern and other Gnarl Cali Rivers. Despite his relative youth, Young Bull found it fun to have older studs around to show him the way. A committed Feminist, Trevor worships the Goddess in her many guises. This is his key to success in life and love. Spending this winter safety boating in Costa Rica, we only hope that we might come back to us for another summer....

Office Manager
Kim lives in the Yellowstone Region because she loves Bears. Its really all about bears for her. She tries to be nice to people but she prefers bears. She also loves Margaritas and stupid questions!

Office Manager
She's a math teacher that could make you love math! Kelly is bubbly and enthusiastic and has only recently discovered the joys of whitewater rafting. Don't mess with her -- Dad is the local sheriff. And he's watching you.

Gallatin Guide
Louie spent too many years at NOLS, teaching mountaineering, rafting, skiing and appropriate expedition behavior. After a stint in Cali working in the carpentry trade, Louie is returning home to do what he does best.
Welcome Back, Louie!

Gallatin Guide
Aunge has an engineering degree from MSU and is one of the last of her classmates to cave in to some sort of nine to five existence. She is a ski instructor/ bum and living proof that having fun makes you look good. Her interests include Sumo Wrestling and Boxing.
We're so lucky to know her!

Yellowstone Guide
My little pony, Dirtbag Pony. I take her wherever I go! Whether she is shredding through the winter or floating through the summer, Heather is the real deal. She's a lifer!
People love her enthusiasm!

Gallatin and Yellowstone G2

hultzie has been guiding on the Yellowstone River since the bn eginning of time! He has a dry sense of humor, a lot like that guy who lives down by the river in his van. Hold it, that's Him! He plays a mean guitar and he has a really cute dog!
He's not a vegetarian!

Gallatin Guide since 2006
People love rafting with Hilary - she makes each trip super exciting! Whether she is paddling her Shredder, cliff jumping, skiing deep couloirs or just chilling in the yard, Hilary has a way of making it more fun than you could have thought.
She's Dating the Gangster!

Gallatin Guide
The boss picks on him, but mostly only because he reminds the old man of himself. He's an MSU Engineering geek who will have to make the choice between a life of work and big money or a life of perks and lotsa honey.
Luke... I am your fah-thah!

Yellowstone Guide
Every man has a force compelling them to explore and accomplish unimaginable feats, but many lack the heart and desire to reach them. Not Ryan. He can be found boating area rivers while most people are huddling next to their space heaters.

Yellowstone Guide
He's a Montana Tech Nursing Student in Butte by Day and a Gourmet Pizza maker by night. He's a hard working kid who'll try anything legal at least once.

He loves to read classic American Literature!

Yellowstone Guide
Kids at Gardiner School have Anna to thank for their awesome math skills. As a multitasking Mountain Woman, Anna is also Owner of the unique Tubleweed Bookstore and cafe, just down the street from the raft company. Don't miss a chance to eat some of the best not fried food in town while you browse her sophistocated book selection.
She has a Degree in Outdoor Recreation!

Yellowstone Manager and Photographer
It started out as Scooter, then it turned into Ba-duder, and now its just Duder. He loves hockey, Adam Sandler movies, cooking and cleaning. Don't get excited ladies, he's taken. .
He's a Sweetie!

Gallatin Guide
Hockey playing Minnesota guy who's got more than just good looks and a killer intellect. He spent a semester in New Zealand and probably will never get a real job. He's super nice, too and almost 9 feet tall!
He's not even vain

Tubing Shop Office since 2013
This girl can cook! And she loves doing it! Chris is a happy-go-lucky girl with a unique sense of style and a keen skill for baking. She enjoys fishing, thrift store shopping and listening to a good band. She was an amazing last minute hire- accepted the job at 5pm and started the next mooring at 9am… she lived in Seattle at the time! Ninja moves!

Shuttle Driver/ Guide
Rick is a 911 dispatcher and marathon runner. Just to see him bounding around is enough to make you feel safe ! He started with MWW behind the wheel of the bus and after watching the guides go down the rapids over and over, he thought "I can do this!" - he was right.
He is a beautiful soul and one buff babe!

Yellowstone Guide & Managette since 2003
Rookie of the Year 2003! Julie's positive energy and willingness to be the rad-est chick in Gardiner make her very popular with everyone. A NOLS recruit from gnar in the backcountry, Julie shows that doing what you love makes you beautiful!

Another long time member of the MWW family, Chris comes out of the woodwork just when we need him. He's a real man, but sensitive, musical and poetic. Chris appreciates the good things in life like living in a tipi and dating hippie chicks!
He's a vegetarian!

Office Managette
Sweet as honey and helpful and smart, Jen's experience with the special needs community made her a perfect fit for dealing with our customers! She's patient and funny and always willing to help with anything. Maybe its that small town North Dakota friendliness or the fact that she's surrounded by angels. You be the judge!
She's the best!

Shuttle Driver
Mark is a Retired Military Man who keeps all our Gallatin shuttle vehicles in ship shape. His mellow and kind personality are a real asset to all the other crazy high speed personalities around here. Having a beer with Mark at the end of the day is one of the privileges of being alive!

Honor Student at U of W, class president many years in a row, valedictorian, author of 3 self help books and accomplished river guide. John Smith sometimes has the police looking for him but don't we all? He's funny and buff and a really good kid.

Matt has enthusiasm and fresh jokes to test on all his clients. He loves guiding and cruising the women of Yellowstone Park. When he's not chowing a Helen's Burger or walking the strip, you can find him at the K Bar singing Karaoke!

Thad has been guiding on the Gallatin for 9 years so far. He's one of those guys that is always laughing because he's so funny. He used to be quite the extreme skier, but his last Big Air landed him on his head. He shows some signs of mild brain damage but thats what we like about him!
He's a gourmet chef and quite the dancer.
Ladies Beware!

Office Manager
She has a million things to do but still has time to help you make a reservation or get ready for a trip. She knows the answer to every possible question and keeps everyone in line. Her sense of humor, charm and good looks make Montana Whitewater run smoothly amidst the chaos. She also makes a mean cocktail and loves to camp out. If only she had enough time to climb more big rocks!

Gallatin Guide
Whether hes surfing in Panama, mountain climbing in Peru or just sipping cocktails at the local bar, Merlin radiates a humble studliness. He's just one of those guys that other guys wanna be like. His night job is dealing Poker at lucky Lil's!
He's living the dream!

Allison comes from Maine where she grew up as a ski bunny at Sunday River Ski Resort. Her bunny ears in tact, she guides for Montana Whitewater in the summer and rips up the slopes in the winter! Her boundless positivity and star power contribute to the general hilarity at MWW. If she's not a poster girl for resort living already, Allison dates a local fly fishing guide.
She's a radio star that video can't kill!

Yellowstone Guide
Known as the"Queen of the Race", Holly makes it her sole motivation in life to hook up a 4 sets of oars raft and kick ass on the Yankee Jim Race of 2005. Ask her about it!
She's a table dancer at the 2 Bit!

Gallatin Guide
Fine wine and appetizers, anyone? Krebsie is a gourmet chef and probably the hugest (and Huggiest) guide that we know! He loves to mountain bike and rock out to live music. He went to college in Colorado where he learned that women love men who can recite poems off by heart.
He's a junior Hemingway!

Gallatin and Yellowstone Guide since 2004
Our Max is a physics genius hiding from Lockheed Martin and other weapons designers who are constantly begging him to work for them. He laughs at their mega salaries and is happiest making $25 a day as a safety kayaker. Junior Bill Zell Award 2004.

Gallatin and Yellowstone Guidess since 2004
Maria is from Northern Montana where they make women strong, beautiful and very magical! She's a hard worker, a favorite with the locals and tourists alike. In the winter, she can be found shredding the Ridge at Bridger or tearing up the backcountry at Beehive Basin.
She's on the cover of the brochure!

Gallatin Guide
Born and raised in Big Sky, Lisa started guiding on the Gallatin and has made her way from Costa Rica to New Zealand honing her guiding skills and spreading her sparkle. As a Yoga instructor, she knows how to give that feeling of inner peace while still getting you to kick your own ass.
She's the kind of local girl that tourists fall for!

Yellowstone Guide & Managette since 2004
4th Grade teacher during the school year and a raft guide in the summer, she knows how to make the best of any situation! She snagged Rookie of the Year 2004 and she gets straight A's as assistant manager on the Yellowstone.

Gallatin and Yellowstone Guide since 2004
Jakey baby is an avid kayaker, mountain biker, rock climber, traveler, mountaineer, hostage negotiator and guides on Both the Yellowstone and the Gallatin Rivers. He definately is like this young Harrison Ford Character. Yeah, Indiana Jones, thats it!
He thinks his picture looks dorky!

Gallatin and Madison Guide since 1981
It's not a nickname. It's a persona, a philosophy and a lifestyle. Bullet is one of the best assets that we inherited as a part of our 2006 purchase of Yellowstone Raft Company. He has spent 25 years as a raft guide on the Madison and Gallatin. He trained Bill Zell way back in the early 90's.
He loves Nutter Butters.

Gallatin Guide
Jess first rocked the 2007 Guide School with his Rhinestone studded sunglasses. Then, he whipped off his shirt to show off his tatoo of the sheet music of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. He either seems to be chasing women or running away from them.
He's a fishin' musician with talent to spare!

Yellowstone Guide
Potter is a writer, painter, philosopher and a magical lady. She loves boating and bananagrams. Sensitive yet strong, you can share your deepest feelings with her on the river, and she won't judge you for all the bad choices you have made in your life.
She's a local!

Yellowstone Guide
Pam's brother is the strong, silent type who's not likely to give you false information. He loves 2 things, rafting and guns -- not necessarily in that order. He''s majoring in Irish Literature at the University of Wisconsin
He's a lover, not a fighter!

JIM KARAS (Dr. Love)
Gallatin Guide and Shuttle Driver
Another Michigan Refugee! Ski Bum turned Raft Guide, Jim started out as a shuttle driver and soon moved into guiding rafts. He loves cold drinks, witty conversation and trying to remember the 60's. Jim's years in the U.S. Navy make him a unique asset to our amazing team!
He looks hot in biking shorts!

Gallatin Guide since 2005
Mike has guided all over the US - California, West Virginia, New York and now works his skills on the Gallatin. His mellow coolness and chilled out demeanor make him a great asset to our team. His wildly criminal past makes him a favorite storyteller at Parties!
Check him out on our local TV commercial!

Gallatin Guide
Hunter and Angler geeks surround our Fish and Wildlife Baccalaure-ette! As a raft guide, Courtney is calm, cool and above all, collectible. When she's not using her dichotomous key, she's designing ergonomic, ecological chakra aligning jewlery.
She has a whip - don't make her use it!

Yellowstone Guide
Feisty, Firey and Fearless! Liz entertains with her sharp wit and her outrageous dance moves. Whether she's bickering with old men or flirting with young ones, she's so funny, you might want to consider wearing Depends on your raft trip.
She loves to Darty!!

Gallatin Guide since 2010
Fashion, Style, Creativity, Charisma. We did not teach these things to Jeremy. She offers them up like a gift to all of us. Whether she is raft guiding in a dress from the Salvation Army or masquerading as Liberace at a staff party, Jeremy livens things up in a loverly way.
Shes adorable!