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  • What to Bring: Wear clothing you won't mind getting wet from spray and splashing waves. For warmer weather we suggest swimwear or shorts, soft-soled shoes and sun protection. For cooler weather, bring a non- cotton top - a pile sweater - and other warm clothing for during and after the trip.
    Specifics for Horseback: A boot or shoe with a heel is advised and a pair of tight fitting pants.

  • We Provide: Wetsuits, neoprene booties, splash tops and bottoms Free of charge for your comfort.

  • For Purchase: Our store carries amenities such as Croakies to hold your glasses on when you get hit with white water.

  • Children: The minimum age for children is six years of age. Age restrictions may vary on certain stretches of river depending on water levels.

  • Photos: Professional photographs of your trip are available for purchase.

  • Extenuating Circumstances: We reserve the right to cancel trips due to water levels or unseasonably cold temperatures. Passing showers will not keep you from enjoying your whitewater raft trip.

  • No-Shows: For No-Shows and late Cancellations, we reserve the right to charge 50% of trip cost.

  • Handicapped: Call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Make a reservation with us.
  • Come in, say Hi! Ask questions
  • Sign a waiver and pay with cash, check or credit card
  • A guide will help you get the right gear from our selection of all sizes from xxxsmall to xxxxlarge
  • Change into your rafting gear
  • Put your clothes and valuables in your car, lock it and give your keys to the office
  • A guide will get you a lifejacket.
  • Load into the vehicles, ride to the put-in while guides entertain you
  • Pile out of the bus at the put-in
  • Get a paddle and helmet, guide tightens your lifejacket
  • Quiet now, listen and pay close attention to the safety talk
  • Divide into your groups, choose your favorite guide and hit the river!
  • At the take-out, talk about how great it was and hug each other
  • Help take the gear up to the bus
  • Ride back on the bus to Las Vegas style revue entertainment
  • Get back to the office - hang up what you can, dump the rest and change into your warm clothes!
  • Buy some souvenirs and show your guide some appreciation.
  • Wave and say, "see you next year!"

      Frequently Asked Questions


    put-in - spot on the river where we put in the boats or start the trip

    take-out - spot where we end the trip and take the boats out

    gear - the stuff you use to go rafting

    rigs - the vans and buses

    sniggety rick - the bus driver

    sniggety snick - a thing

    sniggety snack - a quick meal before the trip

    go big, sporty! - brotherly encouragement tinged with masculine warfare challenge

    factor 5000 - awesome, the best, the gnar!

    sportfactor 5000 - really big brotherly encouragement

    cammies up - very good

    cammies down - very bad


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